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Popular FairPrice’s My FairPrice+ app now available on Android

Published on
08 November 2013
  • My FairPrice+ app enables users to do mobile shopping for Christmas, share shopping lists with friends and families and report abandoned trolleys!

SINGAPORE, 8 November 2013 – An enhanced NTUC FairPrice’s My FairPrice+ app for Android devices has been launched. iPhone and iPad users can also enjoy comprehensive features in the app like mobile shopping, reporting abandoned trolleys, and sharing shopping lists. The original app was launched in November 2012 for Apple devices. To date, the app has received over 28,000 downloads.

Christina Lim, Director, Brand & Marketing, NTUC FairPrice said, “We are always looking for ways to improve our engagement with increasingly tech-savvy customers to bring them more convenience. When My FairPrice+ app was launched last year, it enjoyed good subscription rates and feedback was positive. This is why we have enhanced it further and catered to Android users, to meet the needs of time-stretched Singaporeans to help them make grocery shopping accessible on the go.”

The six new enhancements to the My FairPrice+ App are:

1. Mobile Shopping on-the-go

My FairPrice+ app users can now enjoy mobile shopping simply by browsing through the App or scanning the QR codes from catalogues like the latest Christmas catalogue.
After adding the items they wish to purchase to the shopping cart, payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard.
After which, customers may collect their purchased items at nine FairPrice Finest stores.

2. Scan QR Code & Shop

Customers can now add items to their shopping cart simply by logging in and scanning the QR code printed on the FairPrice Christmas Deli catalogue 2013. This can be done via the ‘Scan & Shop’ icon in the My FairPrice+ app.

3. Report Abandoned Trolleys

The new ‘Found a Trolley?’ function enables users to snap a picture of any abandoned trolley, key in location details and send it to the FairPrice Customer Response team
FairPrice is then able to follow-up with the nearest store for the trolley retrieval. Any other product or service feedback can also be sent directly to FairPrice via the App.

4. Collaborative Shopping Planner

With the introduction of the Collaborative Shopping Planner, customers can instantly update their shopping lists and even share it with family or friends.
Customers simply have to add items to the list, and those with whom they have shared their shopping list with will be able to see the changes right away.

5. Enhanced user interface

With an enhanced user interface, customers can now enjoy a cleaner look and feel. Customers can also register their account via the ‘Me’ icon.

6. Enhanced Store Locator

With the help of the My FairPrice+ app ‘Enhanced Store Locator’, customers can now open a map indicating all the FairPrice stores in Singapore.
Using the ‘Enhanced Store Locator’, customers can also use the map to find a nearby store within 500m of their current destination, as well as the directions to a FairPrice store.
The ‘Enhanced Store Locator’ also displays the address and opening hours of FairPrice stores island wide.

Customers can download the My FairPrice+ app from Google Play or Apple iTunes.

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