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NTUC FairPrice the first retailer to offer frozen pork from Sarawak

Published on
16 October 2015

SINGAPORE, 16 October 2015 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) is the first retailer to commence the sale of frozen pork from Sarawak following the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority’s (AVA) approval of Sarawak as a source of frozen pork in December 2014.

Mr Tng Ah Yiam, Deputy CEO (Merchandising) at FairPrice said, “We have worked closely with our suppliers and AVA to bring in frozen pork from Sarawak that meets stringent food safety requirements. As the largest supermarket retailer in Singapore, the expansion of our range of pork products allows us to diversify our offerings and maintain stability in prices and supplies for our customers.”

The frozen pork, which is pre-thawed for shoppers’ convenience, is sold exclusively by FairPrice under the “Borneo Pork” brand and hit the shelves about a week ago. The pork is available in eight types of cuts, including lean, minced, fillet and ribs. It is sold at selected major FairPrice stores, as well as FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra.

Ms Tan Poh Hong, CEO of AVA, welcomes the news that FairPrice is carrying Sarawak pork in its stores. “With the successful accreditation of Sarawak, Singapore’s frozen pork supply is further diversified. Sarawak’s proximity to Singapore may make it a significant source of frozen pork. AVA will continue to diversify our food sources so that Singapore is better buffered against potential supply disruptions,” Ms Tan said.

FairPrice’s current pork supply includes frozen pork from Brazil, USA, Holland and Spain, as well as chilled pork from Australia and Indonesia.

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