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NTUC FairPrice offers special Purchase with Purchase discount for popular Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s) as inflationary pressures continue to drive egg prices up

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20 December 2022
  • As inflationary pressures continue to drive egg prices up, NTUC FairPrice will sell its Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s) at S$6.85 per tray – purchase limited to 1 tray per customer with a minimum spend of S$25 in a single transaction. While stocks last.

SINGAPORE, 20 December 2022 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today announced that it will be providing a discount on its housebrand Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s), further absorbing rising costs. From 20 December 2022 to 4 January 2023, Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s) will be offered at S$6.85, available with the Purchase with Purchase promotion. This will be made available across all FairPrice supermarket retail formats including FairPrice Online. A minimum spend of S$25 in one transaction is required for customers to purchase 1 tray of 30 eggs during the promotional period. The Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s) will still be available at normal price. 

Mr Tng Ah Yiam, Chief Procurement Officer, FairPrice Group said, “FairPrice seeks to moderate the cost of living and constantly monitors the prices of staples such as eggs. Since the beginning of the year, inflationary pressures have been causing the prices of eggs to trend upwards. We have been minimising increases for as long as we can and have decided to provide another special discount and absorb the cost increases for our popular Pasar fresh eggs.”

Events such as the ongoing pandemic and the war in Ukraine continue to disrupt the economy and businesses on an unprecedented scale. Various goods have been experiencing price increases due to the increased costs of raw materials, logistics, manpower shortages and volatile market conditions. To help moderate the cost of living in Singapore, FairPrice has taken the lead in providing special discounts on daily essentials including eggs, oil and rice.

In April this year, when egg prices were further driven up due to supply disruptions in local farms caused by Newcastle disease, which caused a temporary drop in hens’ egg production, FairPrice had offered Pasar Fresh Eggs (30s) at a discounted price of S$6.95, from the existing price of S$7.50 for a week.

In May, four popular cooking oil products were offered at a special 10 percent discount for a week, whilst in October, FairPrice offered a special 15 percent discount on three popular rice products, which includes Thai Hom Mali grade rice and a healthier brown rice option. FairPrice has also announced that it is offering a 1 percent discount on 500 essential items for the first six months of 2023 in view of impending GST increases.

To ensure availability and affordability, FairPrice continues to actively diversify its sources for eggs. It currently offers over 60 SKUs (stock keeping units) of eggs of varying brands imported from eight countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Poland, in addition to sourcing locally.

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