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FairPrice launches first high-quality housebrand formula milk range in its ongoing efforts to address rising milk cost concerns

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20 September 2017
  • FairPrice Gold housebrand high-quality formula milk range available in three stages for children between the ages of 0 to three years old; each 900g tin of formula milk will be priced between S$27 and S$29
  • FairPrice’s housebrand formula milk range will further supplement the retailer’s existing range of over 150 varieties spanning different brands, formulations and pack sizes currently available for children

SINGAPORE, 20 September 2017 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today launched a new housebrand range of formula milk for children, introduced to provide better value and wider choice for customers. The new formula milk, which is sourced from Australia and available in three variants for children of different ages, will retail between S$27 and S$29 for a 900g tin at all FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, and FairPrice Shop outlets, as well as at Warehouse Club and FairPrice Online ( 

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO, NTUC FairPrice, said, “The launch of FairPrice Gold formula milk today adds another dimension to our ongoing efforts to holistically address parents’ concerns on rising costs of formula milk. Through our own housebrand label, we are able to provide very good value by offering a high-quality product at a price that is much lower than comparable brands.”  

The FairPrice Gold label products offer a range of best-in-class quality grocery items, while still offering the good value that shoppers associate FairPrice housebrand products with.  FairPrice Gold formula milk range is sourced from dairy farms in the Gippsland Region of Australia, renowned for production of high quality dairy products, and manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility under stringent standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). All three variants have also been fortified with Omega 3 (docosahexaenoic acid), Omega 6 (arachidonic acid), Lutein, Galacto Oligosaccharides (Prebiotic – GOS) and Nucleotides.

Mr Seah added, “The government’s review of import restrictions for formula milk also allowed us to expedite the process of bringing this product to market at such a short period of time.  We strive to make lives better for our customers and will continue to work with various partners and the authorities to provide better value, high quality formula milk options to families.”

The products under the FairPrice Gold formula milk housebrand range include:

FairPrice Gold Newborn Infant Formula 900g (for 0 to 6 months)$29
FairPrice Gold Follow-On Formula 900g (for 6 to 12 months)$29
FairPrice Gold Growing-Up Formula 900g (for 12 months and up)$27

The launch of FairPrice Gold formula milk further supplements the existing stable of more than 150 varieties of formula milk spanning different brands, formulations and pack sizes currently available for children at FairPrice stores. 

Ongoing formula milk initiatives by FairPrice

Over the course of this year, FairPrice has announced a number of initiatives to make formula milk more affordable for families in Singapore. In February, FairPrice partnered with the various Community Development Councils (CDCs) in Singapore to launch the $1.5 million NTUC FairPrice Foundation-Milk Fund, targeted at low-income families to alleviate the cost of purchasing formula milk for their children. More than 7,500 children will seek to benefit from the scheme this year.

In May, FairPrice also announced the launch of the FairPrice FairMily Kit, a $14-million initiative to celebrate the birth of all Singaporean babies over the next three years, anticipated to benefit 35,000 babies each year. Each Singapore citizen baby born between January 2016 and December 2019 will receive a FairPrice FairMily Kit containing $100 worth of baby and family-related products, including a tin of formula milk.

In June this year, FairPrice launched a new range of formula milk from Australia, Australia’s Own, working directly with the supplier to introduce the product to FairPrice stores at prices pegged closely to those in its domestic market. Last year, FairPrice also specially introduced Aptamil by Danone Nutricia, a leading formula milk manufacturer in Europe, and priced it 20 per cent lower than comparable brands for all union members.

To enhance public education on children’s nutritional needs, in-store collaterals on formula milk nutrition by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has been installed at over 60 FairPrice stores-island wide to help parents make more informed choices. 

Other initiatives include loyalty programmes, LinkPoints and membership rebates to help parents stretch their dollar further.


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