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Cheers and FairPrice’s charity car wash rallies the community to come together to help seniors

Published on
15 October 2016

Volunteers from FairPrice and Cheers contribute to Lions Befrienders through an annual charity car wash
Donations will be channelled towards providing care for seniors supported by Lions Befrienders, enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives

Singapore, 15 October 2016 – Cheers, the convenience store arm of NTUC FairPrice, has teamed up with Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore) for a charity car wash to raise funds for needy and vulnerable seniors, raising a total of $13,150 from today’s initiative. The initiative was spearheaded by Cheers and FairPrice, and made possible in partnership with ExxonMobil and Hock Cheong Group. Staff volunteers from the FairPrice Volunteer’s programme also came out to support this valuable cause as they contributed to the targeted 5,000 staff volunteer hours in giving back to the community this year.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO, NTUC FairPrice, said, “FairPrice is privileged to partner ExxonMobil and Hock Cheong Group in this charity initiative to enrich the lives of the elderly in our community. We are also encouraged by the strong participation by staff volunteers, from Cheers, FairPrice and Lions Befrienders, who have chosen to dedicate their morning here and contribute to a meaningful cause to show their care.”

Mr Seah, along with 20 members of the Cheers and FairPrice senior management team and staff, spent the morning washing cars alongside 10 volunteers from the Lions Befrienders to help raise funds for this initiative. Drivers were invited to donate S$15 or more for each car wash, with all donations going to Lions Befrienders in support of its many programmes.

Dr Chey Chor Khoon, Executive Director of Lions Befrienders said, “We would like to sincerely thank Cheers, FairPrice, ExxonMobil and Hock Cheong Group for supporting our work in caring for and befriending seniors at risk of social isolation, as well as our mission of enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives. All proceeds from today will go towards supporting the 5,000 seniors that we engage through our befriending and outreach services islandwide, and will provide much-needed assistance in guiding and supporting their day-to-day physical, mental and emotional needs.”

Apart from raising funds, this was also an opportunity for FairPrice and Cheers staff to do their part to give back to the community.  NTUC FairPrice has committed to give back 5,000 hours to the community in volunteer activities this year, with today’s 120 hours forming a part of 2016 efforts. To date, more than 3,000 hours have been clocked in for the year.

Since the programme’s launch in 2012, FairPrice staff have contributed over 12,000 volunteer hours as of 2015, through activities such as packing and distributing food to those in need, visiting beneficiaries’ homes, or participating in excursions with them. All volunteers undergo training to equip them with practical knowledge of volunteerism and working with beneficiaries.  This year, FairPrice has also invited members of the public for the first time to volunteer alongside our volunteers to give back to the community together.


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