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27 September 2009



300 volunteers will be spending their Sunday morning with 250 needy and lonely elderly at NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Jurong Point

A group of nine active CDAC volunteers initiated a community service project titled “Project C.A.R.E (Caring And Reaching out to the Elderly)” to involve 280 CDAC volunteers, mostly young adults and 20 corporate volunteers from NTUC Fairprice to show care and concern for the needy and lonely elderly in the community.

Project C.A.R.E will be held on Sunday, 27 September 2009 from 8.30am to 1.30pm. 250 needy elderly are identified from Moral Neighbourhood Link (Telok Blangah Crescent) and Lions Befrienders. Most of the elderly are Public Assistance recipients. Each elderly is given a $30 shopping voucher sponsored by NTUC FairPrice Foundation. With the assistance of CDAC volunteers, they will purchase their daily necessities at the NTUC FairPrice Xtra @ Jurong Point. The volunteers will also take this opportunity to teach the elderly on the things to take note of while purchasing food and groceries, e.g. the expiry date and nutritional value of foodstuff.

Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Education and Chairperson of CDAC Silver Talent Programme Committee will be accompanying the elderly to do their purchases. She will also assist in the packing of items which the elderly have purchased.

80,000kg of rice to be raised for “Share a Taste of Kindness” Rice Donation Drive (“一人一爱心,米饭送温馨” 爱心筹米活动)

There will be a lunch reception for the elderly and volunteers hosted by Minister Grace Fu in Joy Garden Restaurant at SAFRA Jurong at 11.30am after the shopping trip. Minister will also be invited to announce the result of the rice raised in the “Share a Taste of Kindness” Rice Donation Drive since 30 August 2009.

The Rice Donation Drive is in partnership with Capital Radio 95.8FM, Songhe Rice and Singapore Petroleum Chemicals Pte Ltd (SPC). The target is to raise 80,000Kg of rice for 4,000 needy families and lonely elderly receiving assistance from CDAC and Lions Befrienders.

We cordially invite your reporter and photographer to join us in the shopping trip and the lunch reception. We are most happy to make arrangement for interviews with Minister Grace Fu, CDAC volunteers and the elderly. The programme and location map are enclosed at Annexes A and B for your reference, please.

We look forward to meeting your reporter and photographer on 30 August 2009. If you have any queries, please contact Ms Diong Siew Kuan, Manager, Volunteers and Social Services (义工与社会服务组主任张晓君小姐) at Tel: 68437247/ Mobile: 91594604/ email: or Ms Gam Huey Yi, Manager, Education (教育组主任任惠仪小姐)at Tel:68437240/Mobile: 93839729/ email:

Thank you.

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