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The Majestic Smart Seniors Applied Learning Centre

Helping seniors start their digital journey.

Published on
July 2024

Where’s the first place for seniors to get ready for a digital future? The Majestic Smart Seniors Applied Learning Centre 📱 in Chinatown!

Since the centre’s official launch (18 Feb 2022) by President Halimah Yacob, FairPrice’s digital team has partnered with @RSVP.SG’s volunteers to help seniors start their digital journey at MSSALC. This includes learning how to make seamless and secure payments in stores or online, as well as have bulky groceries delivered to their doorstep!

Knowledge is power, and senior learners like Irene couldn’t agree more with this! So journey along with her as she learns and engages with Ms Kwek, a volunteer, in one of these classes.

After each class at MSSALC, our seniors receive a free reusable bag, including a gift when they make their first in-store successful payment via the FairPrice app. The greatest gift 🎁 of all, however, is seeing them use the FairPrice app with confidence. With that, we’d say… Good On You!

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