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Scaled Up Online Capabilities and Expanded Warehouse Capabilities

Published on
February 2020

During the height of the pandemic in February, we expanded our warehouse capabilities, such as our warehouse at Tanjung Penjuru and third party warehouses to support additional and meet storage requirements. Some of these alternative warehouses were set up within 5 days – no easy feat considering a typical warehouse would have taken more than six months to set up.

With the evolving pandemic situation, we had to move quickly and expanded our fulfilment capabilities and contracted third party warehouses to support additional storage requirements. Earlier investments on our fulfilment centres have enabled us to scale up our delivery capacity by up to three times, which we did during peak periods of demand surges.

During this period, we also converted one of our brick and mortar stores to an online fulfilment centre in just 3 weeks, an exercise that would have typically taken at least six months.

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