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Wendy Wong, Retail Assistant

Her offer to help sparked a strong friendship that would endure to this day.

Published on
March 2021

“Can I help you?”

8 years ago, retail assistant Wendy Wong came across a blind customer struggling with her shopping, and her offer to help sparked a strong friendship that would endure to this day.

Visually challenged Rui Juan has trouble doing her grocery shopping, especially when it comes to handling heavy or bulky items such as liquid detergents or tissue rolls. Since that fateful day, Wendy took it upon herself to personally guide Rui Juan with her purchases. While hesitant at first, Rui Juan gradually warmed up to Wendy, and the two ladies formed a strong bond. They’ve since developed a system where Rui Juan would call Wendy in advance to order what she needed, and Wendy would then pack Rui Juan’s purchases for her friend to pick up, sometimes even arranging for delivery so Rui Juan wouldn’t need to struggle to bring her shopping home. Their friendship is also keenly felt in the store; whenever Rui Juan comes by, colleagues instinctively call for Wendy, and everyone treats Rui Juan as one of their own.

Wendy doesn’t find what she does is “something extra”; her efforts like helping customers carry their shopping to their cars is “simply part of my job.” But as a wife, a mother and a daughter, Wendy also takes care of her family’s needs, including those of her aged parents. Wendy’s caring instincts led her to Rui Juan in the first place; as Wendy says, “It’s just so natural for me to offer my help, there was nothing exceptional about my act.”

“I enjoy my work here and love my purpose of serving the customers, also FairPrice colleagues are just like another family to me.”

This is part of our #InternationalWomensDay 3-part series to celebrate the women among us who have gone beyond their call of duty to serve you and your community, while juggling the many roles they play for their family, friends and beyond.

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