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Michelle Ocampo Dayrit, Service Ambassador

“For me, the most important ingredient in our personalised service is customer engagement.”⁣

Published on
January 2022



Since the launch of FairPrice Finest Bukit Timah Plaza’s exclusive personalised hamper curation service last month, Service Ambassador Michelle Dayrit has lovingly tailored over 40 fully-customisable hampers and gift baskets, all carefully detailed with sustainable materials, to help customers spread the holiday joy.⁣

This personal touch can be expressed by more than being able to include almost any item from FairPrice Finest’s extensive selection. Michelle and her team also strive to deliver on requests for specialised decorations, and on time. In fact, Michelle proudly recalls assisting a virtual Christmas party where attendees across the country were pleasantly surprised by personalised hampers right at their doorsteps prior to the party. ⁣

Michelle puts her customers above all else, checking in with every one of them to make sure that their gifts are received in pristine condition, right down to taking care that fresh fruits curated in the hampers are packed only at appropriate timings to ensure that they can be enjoyed fresh when delivered.⁣

Michelle and her team see every hamper request as an opportunity to enhance their service approach to their customers, and every feedback they receive as a validation of their efforts. She adds, “It’s been heartening to hear how happy our customers have been with their hampers! Especially since they are not used to having those as customisable as ours.”⁣

With Lunar New Year right around the corner, Michelle confidently vouches for the quality of her hampers to the satisfaction of each recipient she curates for. She eagerly assures, “That won’t be a problem!” ⁣

For personalised hampers this festive season, reach out to Michelle and team at 96225804!⁣

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