Making Every Good Count

Despite the unprecedented times we live in, FairPrice Group remains committed to our social mission to moderate cost of living, while taking action as a responsible corporate citizen to ensure our continued sustainable development.

The current pandemic has clearly highlighted the urgency to sharpen food resiliency, strengthen supply chains, review environmental impact and reaffirm our support to the community. As the leading food retailer in Singapore, we strive to inspire bold actions to make a distinctive difference for our generation, and those to come.

To do so, we have set sights towards 2030 with the 3 key pillars under our Healthier Lives, Healthier Planet plan.

Our Sustainability Framework

Serving Our

Ensure affordable healthy food options and maintain food resiliency

Supporting Livelihoods and Well-Being

Enable the underprivileged and maintain a supportive workplace

Promoting a Circular and Low Carbon Economy

Reduce environmental footprint, promote sustainable production, consumption and product sourcing

Aligned to UNSDG Goals

Each of these pillars, with its overarching goals and specific targets, form a blueprint for actions across our businesses in four strategic focus areas:

Health & Nutrition

Our Goal: Encourage healthy food options towards 2030

Food Resilience

Our Goal: Halve food waste by 2030


Our Goal: Save 30 million plastic bags annually by 2030

Carbon Footprint

Our Goal: Reduce 50% in carbon footprint by 2030


Through offering senior discounts, producing our own brands, promoting local products, and upholding health and safety standards, we seek to uplift our customers and communities.


Through partnerships, volunteerism, talent management, as well as diversity and inclusion, we provide for the less fortunate and nurture enriching work environments.


Through reducing the excessive consumption of packaging, conserving resources and embarking on sustainable procurement practices, we endeavour to mitigate our environmental impact.

Find out our progress through our annual Sustainability Reports

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