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Life in FairPrice Group

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At FairPrice Group, we believe that happy workers are better workers. With an emphasis on work-life balance, we offer multiple work arrangement schemes to best suit corporate and personal needs.

Life in FairPrice Group

FairPrice Group

A better place to work

We are deeply invested in our employees and help them reach their full potential by encouraging them to regularly upgrade their skills. As a close partner of NTUC Learning Hub, we develop and curate programmes to strengthen today’s skills and future our employees for tomorrow’s challenges. Employees are sent for a variety of training programmes that are relevant to their professional development, ranging from operational competencies like food safety and customer service, to management and leadership skills.

Beyond investing in the development of our employees, we are also firm advocates of fair and progressive hiring practices. We recognise good employees for their contributions – whether through a competitive remuneration and benefits package or awards for achievements in specific areas. We also make efforts to create an inclusive workplace for all our employees. FairPrice collaborates with organisations such as SG Enable and Autism Resource Centre to offer jobs to persons with disabilities.



The core of our business, the Channels Division is always growing, innovating and challenging the limits of the retail industry. Full of action and energy, the gears are constantly revolving on all levels in our pursuits towards being Singapore’s leading World-Class Retailer with a Heart.

Departments based in FairPrice Group headquarters include Fresh Food Taskforce, Store Design, and more. Learn more about our positions based in our retail stores in the Frontline tab.


Food Services

Food Services

Our Food Services Business consists of leading household names like NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam. We dish out quality and affordable cooked food across our multi-format brands at food courts, coffee shops, hawker centres and quick-service restaurants.

Whether it’s our latest blended offering from Food Folks at Lau Pa Sat, thirst-quenching bubble tea from Halo Cha or Michelin-starred hawkers with their award-winning recipes, we are constantly redefining dining experiences for our customers.

Digital & Technology

A key player in the transformation journey, the Digital & Technology division drives FairPrice Group in aspects of our e-commerce, and continuously enhances operation capabilities in the digital forefront.

Departments include Digital Business, Information Technology and more.

FairPrice Group
Purchasing & Merchandising

Purchasing & Merchandising

From sourcing to negotiations to reporting, the Purchasing & Merchandising division propels the strategic development of FairPrice Group’s product ranges, including our very own Housebrand.

Departments include Category Portfolio Business Planning, Own Brands & Food Solutions, Products and more.

Corporate Services

Playing a critical role to the business success of FairPrice Group, the Corporate Services division seeks to support our businesses in achieving excellence through essential work streams and cross-functional projects.

Departments range from front office (e.g. Corporate Branding, Corporate Communications, Customer Analytics, Marketing) to middle office (e.g. Process and Business Technology) to back office (e.g. Finance, Human Resource, Real Estate, Strategy Development) and more.

Corporate Services
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Leading FairPrice Group’s intricate distribution system, the Supply Chain division optimises logistics-related processes, solutions and infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for both internal and external stakeholders.

The Supply Chain division also works closely with Grocery Logistics of Singapore Pte Ltd (GLS), a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Frontline Divisions

The heart of our business, the Frontline Division, provides a dynamic environment amidst our exciting operations. With hundreds of retail stores and food outlets around Singapore, thousands of employees come together everyday to deliver the best FairPrice Group experience. Every role is important to keep our stores and outlets running smoothly.

Retail Store executive positions include Executive (Operations), Department Manager (Hypermarket) and Pharmacist.

Food Services positions include Counter Sales Assistant, Outlet Executive and Outlet Manager.

Frontline Divisions

Management Associate Programme

Begin your career with the best in the industry. Join our FairPrice Group Management Associate Programme that is designed to grow your potential to become an outstanding leader. Through the programme, there will be limitless prospects towards a rewarding career while making a difference to the community.

We are on the lookout for talented and highly motivated individuals with a Bachelor’s degree and not more than 2 years’ working experience. If you possess the passion, drive and leadership to excel, join us on our Management Associate Programme, as we embark on our journey to make life better for Singapore and Singaporeans.

*All degrees are welcome for FPG MAP. For our Corporate Track – Digital & Technology, relevant degrees and/or experiences are preferred.

Management Associate Programme

Management Associate Programme

We are taking a pause on our Management Associate Programme.
Stay tuned for a refreshed programme coming your way in future!

Programme Highlights

Experience the Heart of Everything Food

Through a structured rotational 21-month programme, Management Associates are put through three rotations within their preferred Track, with the purpose of gaining appreciation into the heart of FairPrice Group, maximizing exposure through a mix of business projects/ operations and showing aptitude for core competencies. We have four Tracks in our growing businesses of Retail Business, Digital Business, Food Services, and Supply Chain, and three Tracks in our corporate functions of Digital & Technology, Finance, and Customer & Marketing, where the management associates will develop in.

Development & Engagement

To build a positive ecosystem, various structured engagement initiatives such as onboarding, regular reviews, workshops and networking with the topline are put in place. At the end of the programme, given that the management associate has fulfilled the performance requirements, he/she would be promoted into the next job grade as part of an accelerated career trajectory.

Business Tracks

Our Retail Business is constantly innovating to introduce exciting new concepts that elevate their Everything Food experience, centered around fresh, good quality food. We are the market leader with the largest network of 370 outlets, located where our customers live, work and play. On top of Operations, you will be exposed to Brand Development, Own Brand & Food Solutions, Product Support, Process & Business Technology and more.

Our Digital Business operates our online FairPrice grocery platform and delivers a seamless experience for our customers as they toggle between the online and offline worlds. From MarketPlace, Omni-Channel to Fulfilment from Store, this is an exciting space to develop a career in with exposure to Business Development, Account Management and more.

Our Food Services Business constantly redefine the dining experience for our customers, whether it’s our latest blended offering Food Folks at Lau Pa Sat, Kopi Kiosk at Kopitiam Food Hall @ Jurong Point or Michelin grade hawkers with their award-winning recipes! Become part of a dynamic team through various Transformation Projects, Operations Management and more.

Our Supply Chain Business is the steady engine that keeps our supermarket shelves stocked, ensuring that our customers can get the products they want – whenever, wherever. Beyond the intricacy of Operations, our business also focuses on Data Analysis, Business Development Project Management and more.

Corporate Tracks

Our Digital & Tech function drives the digital transformation by innovating and delivering new products and solutions at speed and scale. Develop your career in a multitude of pathways such as Cybersecurity, Data Science & Analytics, Developers and more. Applicants with relevant degrees and/or experiences are preferred.

Our Finance function plays a key role in driving the long-term sustainability of our business so that we can serve generations of Singaporeans to come. Create value by identifying opportunities and providing critical analysis to help us make operational and strategic decisions. Join the value creation through exposure to Financial Planning & Analytics, Transformation, Finance Shared Services and more.

Our Customer & Marketing function works to connect us to our customers. We constantly reimagine our marketing and communication approaches to create meaningful shopping and dining experiences that touch our customers’ hearts and minds. Join our exciting teams in areas of Loyalty, Branding, Corporate Communications, Content, Social and Design and more.

*As the organisation transforms, so do our opportunities. Options for rotations will vary accordingly.

Application Process

Application Period

We are taking a pause on our Management Associate Programme in 2023.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for a refreshed programme coming your way in future!



Send in your applications between Feb to March.



Let us get to know you through video interviews and psychometric assessments between April to May.


Panel Interview

Meet our business leaders from the representative offices between May to June.



Our Management Associates commence their journeys in July.


Tong Zhong Zhen

Management Associate (2019), Food Services Business

Joining the FPG MAP has allowed me to explore the various job functions within FPG, which helps to broaden my perspective and better understand the importance of each role.

From developing and marketing 7 co-branded products with suppliers, building campaigns for our specialty retail store Food Folks, marketing research, to the implementation of an online to offline ordering system, the FPG MAP has created opportunities for me to grow and develop. Through our efforts, Food Folks also won a F&B Retailer award!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue a career in Marketing within Food Services!

Kenneth Wong

Management Associate (2018), Digital Business

FairPrice Group’s MAP is one of the best ways to begin one’s career in the retail industry. The program has provided me with immense exposure throughout my rotations. I was able to network across various departments and learn from the best in FPG who possessed a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

My experience in FPG has accelerated my learning and shaped me to be the all-rounder I am today. This has empowered me to be a competent and effective people manager in my current role and given me the tenacity to tackle any future challenges.

Harmith Singh

Management Associate (2020), Retail Business

Putting customers at the heart of everything we do has been my mantra throughout the experience. From heartwarming conversations with customers to fulfilling tough orders, the process of making magic for customers is fulfilling.

My interactions with customers at the CNY Mandarin Oranges Booth in Mandarin and Cantonese even created a buzz on local media, with a member of the public sharing their experience online! I learnt of this from our returning customers, and it heartens me greatly knowing that our customers appreciate the service of my team.

Lim Yuen Ying

Management Associate (2021), Supply Chain Business

Transitioning to the MAP was a choice to step outside my comfort zone in pursuit of new knowledge.

Within both the Products and Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics teams, I found room to grow professionally by being entrusted to lead various projects with nurturing support and mentorship. Building relationships across FPG, I encountered many warm and passionate colleagues who work tirelessly to improve the business and serve Singapore’s needs in everything food.

My growth was not hampered despite graduating in a time of uncertainty. Instead, at FPG we learn fast, adapt, and shape the new normal.

Vivian Lim

Young Talent in Digital & Technology

Joining FPG, you can be assured that the work here will stretch you professionally. My managers and team always trust my abilities, no matter what the challenge is, and have constantly prioritised my professional development and growth.

From crafting product visions to delivering end products to customers, I regularly collaborate with different stakeholders across the group, honing my communication skills and equipping myself with new skills and perspectives.

The diverse experiences and strong support I have received thus far have shaped my career in product management here at FPG.

Murphy Chua

Young Talent in Finance

My journey in FairPrice Group has been an exciting one, being able to work with and support various businesses under the FPG umbrella, from FairPrice grocery stores to Kopitiam food courts and Digital Business initiatives.

At FPG, we’re data driven and we seek to translate our massive data into value-adding insights via dashboards and integrated reporting, allowing for key business decisions to be made and to better serve our customers.

For anyone with a desire to learn, FPG has provided many opportunities to grow and develop, and is an excellent place to both further your career and skills.

Wong Xin Xian

Management Associate (2020), Customer & Marketing

During my rotations in Customer & Marketing, I was given boundless opportunities to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. From leading and managing one of the key priority segments, marketing research, working cohesively with key stakeholders to the launching of new segments that drove meaningful impact, the FPG MAP has allowed me to hone my various skills.

Surrounded by supportive mentors and colleagues, I have experienced tremendous growth through the MAP. The experiences and skills that I have gained will guide me as I continue to develop here at FPG!

Internship Opportunities

University/Polytechnic Internship

The structured internship is built for undergraduates currently completing your degree/diploma, and passionate about experiencing the fast-moving environment of the retail industry.

Typically lasting 10 to 12 weeks depending on the school’s requirements, you will be attached to one of the corporate business divisions to work alongside a team of professional employees. You will receive challenging and varied projects, with the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders. Emphasis is placed on your growth, interests and abilities as experienced supervisors provide mentorship and perspectives to contribute towards your learning of the retail industry.

FairPrice Group works actively with education institutions to provide meaningful internship experiences. To apply for an internship through your institution, please go through your school’s career services. For self-sourced direct internships, please submit your resume or other relevant documents to

Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities


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From corporate to retail and food services, learn more about the roles we have across the group.

Embark on a rewarding career as we make lives better for our customers and communities.

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