Making Every Good Count

As a social enterprise, we are driven by our social mission to Do Good for the community. The framework of our community programmes is structured to provide assistance to the less fortunate and more importantly, to empower the beneficiaries in the longer term.

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd was founded by the labour movement in 1973, with a social mission to moderate the cost of living in Singapore. Guided by the philosophy to do well in order to do good for the community, FairPrice continues to evolve to remain relevant to changing consumer lifestyles while staying focused on its social goals and making life better for the community.

NTUC FairPrice launched FairPrice Foundation in 2008 to focus its giving efforts to provide a better life for the community.

For more information, please visit:

FairPrice Foundation is funded exclusively by NTUC FairPrice. Over the last ten years, FairPrice has disbursed over S$100 million to the community through FairPrice Foundation.

The Foundation’s grant-making philosophy revolves around its mission to contribute “A Better Life for the Community” and is focused on the three following areas:

  • Poor and Needy
  • Nation Building and Community Bonding
  • Workers’ Welfare

In selected initiatives, such as the FairPrice Share-A-Textbook project, we invite public volunteers to join us in the project so that the project acts as a catalyst to nurture the sense of community spirit and they too, can play a part for the community and the environment. Follow our social media channels to find out more.

Social enterprises focus on fulfilling social objectives, which can be funded by its commercial activities or through donations (non-profit). For FairPrice, our mandate is to be self-sustaining commercially so that we may continue to fulfill our social commitments. We do not receive any form of funding from the public or private sector.

FairPrice is guided by our philosophy to Do Well in order to Do Good for the community. Our customers can be assured that for every dollar spent at FairPrice, part of it will go towards helping someone in the community live a better life.

In FY2020, profits from operations translates to less than 1% of our revenue over the same period.

Financial details can be found at:

Comparing a basket of daily essential products, FairPrice consistently offers the best value – making them easily available and accessible in our efforts to moderate the cost of living.

When comparing prices, shoppers should consider factors such as consistent availability, the product’s country of origin, expiry dates as well as food safety standards that the retailer practices. It is a common promotion strategy for some retailers to offer certain products as “loss-leaders” to attract customers.

Some of the initiatives we adopt to ensure savings for customers include:

Price taker As a retailer, we are a price taker and the products we offer are from authorised distributors. Nonetheless, we work with our suppliers to ensure any adjustments in prices are reasonable and justifiable. Consumers should be wary of products, especially consumables that are not sourced from authorised suppliers as they might not have any avenue for recourse should there be issues with the product.

Diversified sources To ensure daily essentials remain affordable and available, we diversify our sources to ensure consumers have the choice and flexibility to make an informed decision.

For example, we source fresh and frozen chicken from Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, Denmark and the United States to ensure we are not overly reliant on any one source.

Housebrands As part of our efforts to moderate costs, we developed an extensive range of housebrand products including chilled & frozen products, groceries like rice, oil, canned food and condiments, dairy products, and non-food items, that are priced about 10 to 20 per cent cheaper than comparable products in the market. These products are made by reputable manufacturers and are subject to extensive quality and safety audits.

For instance, our popular FairPrice Jasmine Fragrant Rice (5kg) and FairPrice Brown Rice (5kg) have maintained their prices of S$8.20* and S$11.20* respectively for the past 4 years. Our FairPrice Brown Rice (5kg) is also priced about 40 per cent lower than comparable national brands.

Times of crisis In times of crisis or economic downturn, we strive to also be the last to increase prices and first to drop prices. We also benchmark prices to ensure essentials remain affordable.

For example, when we faced severe air pollution due to the haze in 2013, it was reported that several unscrupulous merchants were profiteering by charging consumers exorbitant prices for N95 face masks. We did not sell face masks prior but tapped on our network of suppliers to promptly provide masks to consumers at fair prices, setting the benchmark for the market. Prices for N95 masks soon came down to reasonable levels.

In the recent pandemic, when Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits were made available, we priced them at extremely competitive rates. This set the benchmark and industry players soon began to price the kits they sold on par or lower than us.

Special discounts To complement these efforts we also introduced special discounts for seniors like the Seniors Discount (2002), Pioneer Generation Discount (2014) and the Merdeka Generation Discount (2019). Industry players soon followed suit and offered discount schemes that were on par or more. Regardless, our efforts proved to have spurred the market as a whole to provide greater savings to seniors.

In 2021, we also introduced the CHAS Blue Discount to provide greater savings for the less fortunate.

*Data as of August 2021

FairPrice has been operating in the HDB heartlands for over four decades and has co-existed with local businesses and residents in the community since their establishment. Our presence also often helps drive traffic to the heartland centres as well which also benefits other small businesses that each have their own role to play in the community.

FairPrice remains committed to moderating the cost of living and providing a better life to the community. Being situated in the heartlands, we are able to better serve the community and enhance the accessibility to basic essential grocery items for our shoppers.

FairPrice Finest was created to suit the changing lifestyle needs of consumers, where an increasing segment of the population are more well travelled and enjoy greater affluence. Catering to evolving consumer needs ensures we remain relevant as a commercial entity as by doing well, we are able to continue doing good for the community.

Despite offering a more cosmopolitan range of products, we still practise uniform pricing. So similar products across our formats will be uniformly priced regardless of where they are located, barring store specific promotion.

For example, the same bag of rice will have the same price at our Finest store in Jewel and at the FairPrice supermarket in Bedok. The only difference is that our Finest stores will offer a wider variety of rice from more exclusive or premium brands, which can sometimes give the inaccurate impression that products are more expensive.

FairPrice Finest was created to suit the changing lifestyle needs of consumers, where an increasing segment of the population were more well travelled and enjoyed greater affluence over the years. This is to ensure we remain relevant as Singapore’s leading supermarket. By doing well, we are able to continue doing good for the community.

Despite offering a more cosmopolitan range of products, we still practise uniform pricing. So similar products across our formats will be uniformly priced regardless of where they are located, barring store specific promotions.

For example, the same bag of rice will have the same price at our Finest store in Jewel and at the FairPrice supermarket in Bedok. The only difference is that our Finest stores will offer a wider variety of rice from more exclusive or premium brands, which can sometimes give the inaccurate impression that products are more expensive.

Co-operatives such as NTUC FairPrice, are mandated under the Co-operative Societies Act to contribute to the Central Co-operative Fund (CCF) and Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF) in place of a corporate tax.

The Co-operative Societies Act requires co-operatives to contribute 5% of their first S$500,000 in annual operating surplus to the CCF, and 20% of any operating surplus in excess of S$500,000 to either the CCF or the SLF.

The co-operative’s contributions to the CCF and the SLF will be channeled towards the general development of the co-operative movement in Singapore.

Our contribution to the CCF and SLF can be found at:

About FairPrice Share-A-Textbook

FairPrice Share-A-Textbook (formerly known as FairPrice Used Textbooks Project) is NTUC FairPrice’s signature community project that is held annually.

NTUC FairPrice first started the Used Textbooks Project in 1983. Pre-loved textbooks were collected and distributed for free to needy students. The project was rebranded as FairPrice Share-A-Textbook in 2010.

  • Relieve the financial burden of families by providing free pre-loved textbooks;
  • Encourage the value of thrift; and
  • Promote a greener Singapore through recycling of pre-loved textbooks.

Over the past 38 years, more than 6 million textbooks were collected to help over 280,000 students save on textbooks expenses.

The project received the PRISM (Public Relations in Service to Mankind) award from the Institute of Public Relations in Singapore for its significant contribution to mankind. It also received a Green Leaf Merit Award from the then Ministry for the Environment for its promotion of environmental friendliness through reusing and recycling waste. In September 2006, the FairPrice Used Textbooks Project was hailed as a Best Practice from Singapore for promoting environmental friendliness and human rights by the UN Global Compact, a United Nations organisation which champions corporate social responsibility.

FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2021 – Project Details

The project consists of: (a) Donation period and (b) Distribution days.

This year, members of the public may donate their pre-loved textbooks for the project at:

  • 81 FairPrice stores island wide, including Warehouse Club, FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, FairPrice Finest stores, selected FairPrice supermarkets, and FairPrice Xpress stores at Esso service stations. Please refer to Annex A for the full list of stores where you can donate your textbooks at.

The donation period is from 26th October to 30th November 2021. All books collected will be sent for sorting before distribution.

We welcome all textbooks that are in the current syllabus and in usable condition (i.e. no torn / missing pages and no scribbling).

You may visit for the list of books in the current syllabus.

Yes, we do. They will be sorted under the ‘Reference / Others’ category for collection.

Members of the public are welcome to pick up pre-loved textbooks from 12th to 15th December 2021 at Arena @ Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523. However, please pre-book your preferred date and time-slot before the distribution.

* In addition to the above four days, students under the Priority Collection Scheme may also choose to pick up your textbooks on 11th December 2021.

In view of the COVID-19 safety guidelines and to safeguard your well-being, the number of days for distribution has been extended for the general public. There are ten hourly time-slots per day for selection and each booking limits a total of two pax into the Arena for collection of textbooks. This is to allow our volunteers time to sanitise the collection zones and minimise crowding at the venue.

You may scan the QR code below to pre-book your preferred date and time-slot. The booking platform will be open from 27 November 2021. Please email us at should you require assistance in booking the time-slot.

Please be advised to bring along your own bags as they will not be provided on the distribution day. Also, due to safety measures in place, a maximum of two pax per booking may enter the collection zone during your selected time-slot to collect your textbooks.

Remaining textbooks will be sent for recycling.

In view of the COVID-19 safety guidelines and to safeguard your well-being, a series of safety measures will be implemented. These include:

  • Extension of public collection days from one to four; an additional day is made available for students under the priority collection scheme to choose from.
  • Ten hourly time-slots will be made available for booking per day. This is to minimise crowding at the venue and allow volunteers to sanitise the collection zones at the end of every time-slot.
  • SafeEntry procedures are compulsory before admission into the collection zones.
  • You are required to bring along your TraceTogether token or activate your mobile application during the distribution drive.
  • You are required to provide proof of your vaccination status. Unvaccinated individuals will be refused entry to the event venue.
  • A maximum number of two pax per booking will be allowed into the collection zone for a period of 30-minutes to select your textbooks.
  • There will be a maximum number of two volunteers per academic level to provide assistance where necessary.
  • 30-minutes will be used for sanitising the collection zones at the end of every time-slot.
  • A safe-distancing agent will be assigned at the collection zone to ensure the adherence to safety guidelines.
  • Should you feel unwell on-site, please approach our volunteers or safe-distancing agent for assistance.

Volunteer with us!

The project launched on 26th October and lasts till 15th December 2021. Volunteers will support this project from 24th November over three phases.

Phase Scope of work
Sorting (1) Sort through donated books and categorise them into various academic levels and subjects
(2) Filtering of books to ensure that donated books are in line with current syllabus and in good condition
(3) Ensure that recipients are able to obtain relevant titles to meet their needs more accurately
Set-up Wagons layout, queue management, stocking of wagons with books
Distribution Queue management, replenishment of books, sanitising collection zones and assisting recipients with book search

Please register online via this link by 25th November 2021, 11.59pm.As much as we would like to accommodate all requests, kindly note that volunteering slots are on a first come, first served basis, due to safety guidelines.

We are recruiting volunteers for the following phases of the project:

Phase Dates Venue Time
Sorting 24th Nov – 10th Dec Our Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
AM: 9am – 1pm
PM: 1pm – 5pm
Set Up 7th – 10th Dec AM: 9am – 2pm
PM: 2pm – 7pm
Distribution 11th – 15th Dec

Other Enquires

Feedback and enquiries on FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2021 can be directed to our email at

Annex A: List of FairPrice Stores for Donation of Textbooks

Warehouse Club (1)
FairPrice Hub 1 Joo Koon Circle, Level 3, 629117
FairPrice Xtra (9)
Ang Mo Kio Hub 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-40, Ang Mo Kio Hub, 569933
Changi Business Park 8 Changi Business Park Ave 1, #01-51 & #02-51, 486018
Hougang 1 No.1 Hougang St 91, #02-01 Hougang 1, 538692
Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-21/22 & #B3-01, 608549
Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-01, Jurong Point, 648331
Kallang Wave Mall 1 Stadium Place Level 1, #01-29, 397628
Nex 23 Serangoon Central, #03-42, Nex Mall, 556083
Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Road, #03-28, Parkway Parade, 449269
VivoCity 1 Habourfront Walk, #B2-23/#01-23, VivoCity, 098585
FairPrice Finest (28)
100 AM 100 Tras Street, #B1-01, 100AM, 079027
111 Somerset 111 Somerset Road, #01-01/02, #01-21 – 30, 238164
Artra 12 Alexandra View, #01-18, 158736
Bedok Mall 311 New Upper Changi Road #B2-60, Bedok Mall, 467360
Bukit Panjang Plaza 1 Jelebu Rd #01-15 & #02-20, Bukit Panjang Plaza, 677743
Bukit Timah Plaza 1 Jln Anak Bukit #B1-01 & #B2-01, Bukit Timah Plaza, 588996
Changi Airport Terminal 3 65 Airport Boulevard, Basement 2 North, Unit B2LS2 – #B2-10, Terminal 3, 819663
Changi City Point 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-09 to 11, 486038
The Clementi Mall 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #B1-12/13/14, 129588
Funan Mall 107 North Bridge Road, #B1-10, Funan Mall, 179105
Hougang Street 21 202 Hougang St 21, #01-00, 530202
Junction 8 Shopping Centre 9 Bishan Place #B1-01, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, 579837
Jewel Changi Airport 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-205 to 208, Jewel Changi Airport, 819666
Katong Village Hotel 30 East Coast Road, #01-06 to 09, Katong Village Hotel (428751)
Le Quest 4 Bukit Batok St 41 #01-91/92, 657991
Marine Parade Central 6 Marine Parade Central, 449411
myVillage 1 Maju Ave, #B1-11 to # B1-K09, Serangoon Garden, 556679
Paya Lebar Quarter 10 Paya Lebar Road, #B2-09, Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057
Scotts Square 6 Scotts Road, #B1-03 to 07 and #B1-10, Scotts Square, 228209
Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Avenue, #B2-24, Seletar Mall, 797653
Tiong Bahru Plaza 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #B1-01/02, Tiong Bahru Plaza, 168732
Thomson Plaza 301 Upper Thomson Rd #03-37/38, Thomson Plaza, 574408
Valley Point 491 River Valley Road, #01-14, Valley Point, 248371
Waterway Point 83 Punggol Central, #B2-32, Waterway Point, 828761
The Woodgrove 30 Woodlands Ave 1, #01-11, The Woodgrove, 739065
Wisteria Mall 598 Yishun Ring Road, #01-01, Wisteria Mall, 768698
Yew Tee MRT Station 61 Choa Chu Kang Drive, #01-01, Yew Tee MRT Station, 689715
Zhongshan Park 20 Ah Hood Road #02-01, Zhong Shan Park, 329984
FairPrice Supermarkets (18)
Blk 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4056, 560712
Blk 355 Sembawang Way 355 Sembawang Way, #01-01, 750355
Bukit Merah Central 166 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3531 & #02-3531, 150166
Bedok North Street 1 212 Bedok Nth St 1, #01-147, 460212
Canberra Plaza Blk 133 Canberra View #B1-03/04, Canberra Plaza, 750133
City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road, #B1-09/10, City Square Mall, 208539
Eastpoint 3 Simei St 6, #05-01, Eastpoint, 528833
Hillion Mall 17 Petir Road, #B2-67, Hillion Mall, 678278
Joo Chiat Complex 2 Joo Chiat Road, #01-1139 / #02-1139, Joo Chiat Complex, 420002
Kallang Bahru 71 Kallang Bahru, #01-529 / #02-531, 330071
Northpoint City 1 Northpoint Drive, #B2-103 to 107, Northpoint City, 768019
Punggol Oasis Terraces 681 Punggol Oasis Terraces, #B1-01, 820681
Rivervale Mall 11 Rivervale Crescent, #03-01, Rivervale Mall, 545082
SingPost Centre 10 Eunos Road 8, #B1-101 to 107, SingPost Centre, 408600
Sun Plaza 30 Sembawang Drive, #B1-01/02, Sun Plaza, 757713
Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-12, Tampines Mall, 529510
Our Tampines Hub 1 Tampines Walk, #B1-01, Our Tampines Hub, 528523
HDB Hub 500 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #B1-32/#01-33, 310500
FairPrice Xpress @ Esso Stations (24)
Esso Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 3551 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, 569927
Esso Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 2225 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, 569810
Esso Bedok North 99 Bedok North Road, 469677
Esso Bedok South 799 Bedok South Avenue 1, 469335
Esso Bukit Batok 813 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, 659084
Esso Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 50 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3, 689858
Esso Chua Chu Kang Way 31 Choa Chu Kang Way, 688786
Esso East Coast 239 / 255 East Coast Road, 428932
Esso Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim 302 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, 619594
Esso Jervois 1 Jervois Road, 248992
Esso Jurong East 150 Jurong East Avenue 1, 609787
Esso Lorong Chuan 384 Lorong Chuan, 556810
Esso Macpherson 110 / 114 Macpherson Road, 348501
Esso Mountbatten 708 Mountbatten Road, 437733
Esso Pasir Ris 61 Pasir Ris Drive 1, 519525
Esso Sengkang 211 Punggol Road, 546673
Esso Sengkang West 150 Sengkang West Way, 797622
Esso Tampines Ave 7 9 Tampines Avenue 7, 529619
Esso Toa Payoh Lor 2 399 Toa Payoh Lorong 2, 319640
Esso Upper Bukit Timah A 213 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 588183
Esso Upper Changi North B 955 Upper Changi Road North, 507662
Esso West Coast 181 West Coast Road, 127373
Esso Woodlands Ave 1 50 Woodlands Avenue 1, 739066
Esso Yishun 10 Yishun Avenue 9, 768888

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