Making Every Good Count

Khudzairy, Delivery Specialist

Committed to getting your online orders delivered safely.

Published on
June 2020

If you live around the Jurong Gateway area, chances are your online orders are being fulfilled by this gentleman. During Singapore’s circuit breaker period, our delivery specialist Khudzairy made about 40 delivery trips every day, double the runs from what he used to do prior to #Covid19.

Khudzairy puts customer safety above all else. Keeping his mask on and wits about him is no easy feat, especially when he has to take the stairs for deliveries to apartment homes without lift access. But no matter how tough things get, he’s proud of what he does and is committed to getting his customers’ orders delivered safely. And when he really needs it, he has his dearest wife who’s always there for him to lean on as his greatest pillar of support!

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