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NTUC FairPrice, your best corporate neighbour!

Published on
09 November 2005

Good Neighbour Day promotes the “kampong spirit” of giving and receiving acts of kindness among neighbours, just like the relationship NTUC FairPrice shares with the community.

Over the years, FairPrice has grown to be a household name that all Singaporeans can identify with. We are also in the hearts of the community with numerous outlets located in virtually every corner of Singapore.

By being a good corporate neighbour, NTUC FairPrice has pledged a cash contribution of S$10,000 in support of Good Neighbour Day. Carrier bags that are printed with the Good Neighbour Day logo will also be distributed at all NTUC FairPrice outlets from 12 November 2005 to spread the message.

“Through supporting Good Neighbour Day 2005, NTUC FairPrice hopes to promote the spirit of harmonious living among Singaporeans, and neighbours in particular,” said NTUC FairPrice’s CEO, Mr Tan Kian Chew.

At home, NTUC FairPrice leads by example. Good Neighbour Day postcards will be distributed to its 5,000-strong staff to encourage them to acknowledge their neighbours, be it at the workplace or at home.

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