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NTUC FairPrice introduces “Please Return Trolley Campaign”

Published on
21 May 2009

In a bid to minimise the number of shopping trolleys going missing from its stores, NTUC FairPrice has introduced a “Please Return Trolley Campaign” aimed at reminding shoppers to be considerate and return their trolleys to the designated trolley return points after using them.

Besides providing quality products and service, FairPrice is also committed to offering a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience. This however, requires customers’ cooperation and support. This campaign was carried out in response to the increasing number of reports of misplaced trolleys in civic spaces such as parks, lift lobbies and void decks at HDB estates, with some trolleys used in vandalism.

From 25 May 2009, FairPrice will roll out customer notices in stores and at trolley return bays as well as in-store announcements to remind customers to return their trolleys to appropriate locations. It will also reiterate the seriousness of the matter by highlighting that the non-return of trolleys is considered theft. In addition, FairPrice staff and security personnel will step up efforts to be more vigilant in looking out for customers who abandon our trolleys. FairPrice has also sought the assistance of security personnel at the various buildings that FairPrice stores are located to help keep a look-out for customers who abandon trolleys in public places.

With this public education campaign and the support of staff and customers, FairPrice looks forward to making progress towards stamping out the industry-wide problem of trolley theft.

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