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NTUC FairPrice extends volunteering efforts to involve youths, with focus on seniors in need

Published on
07 February 2017
  • FairPrice renews volunteer commitment for 2017 to focus on needy seniors and calls on youths to participate in community efforts; aims to achieve 5,000 volunteers hours from staff and 500 hours from the public.

SINGAPORE, 7 February 2017 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today renewed its commitment to volunteerism to focus on senior-related activities and calls on youths to participate in its community efforts.  It will also continue to pledge to contribute with 5,000 volunteer hours from its staff, and 500 hours from the public for 2017, under the FairPrice Volunteers’ Programme.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC FairPrice, said, “FairPrice is committed to making lives better and an important aspect is in caring for those in need. We recognise the elderly as a crucial segment in our community to focus on, given our aging population. This year, we look forward to involving youths in Singapore in participating in elderly-centric activities, aiding and bonding with those who have contributed to today’s society. It is our hope to build a society where people from all generations are sensitive to each other’s needs, and where kindness and compassion are commonplace regardless of age.”

To kick off volunteer efforts in the new year, FairPrice senior management staff, along with volunteers from its staff and members of the public, visited and celebrated Chinese New Year with residents at Ren Ci Nursing Home. Activities included serving food, tossing “yusheng”, distributing mandarin oranges, singing, and playing games. Ren Ci is an organisation that FairPrice has been actively supporting since 2009.

FairPrice Volunteers’ Programme

Since its launch in 2012, FairPrice staff have contributed over 17,000 volunteer hours through the FairPrice Volunteers’ Programme. This includes packing and distributing food, visiting nursing homes, elderly centres or participating in excursions with them, and cleaning the homes of elderly residents who live alone. All volunteers undergo training to equip them with practical knowledge of volunteerism and working with beneficiaries.

Caring for seniors

Beyond the community, FairPrice seeks to care for the elderly in all aspects of its business, including customers and employees. FairPrice recently included Thursday as an additional day for Pioneer Generation discounts, allowing members of the Pioneer Generation to enjoy three per cent discounts on both Mondays and Thursdays, alongside priority payment counters. In addition, a two per cent seniors discount on Tuesdays serves to alleviate costs for the elderly. Furthermore, plans to upgrade stores to better cater to the needs of seniors will be gradually rolled-out during the year.

Internally, FairPrice employs over 1,600 seniors above 60, representing more than 16 per cent of its workforce, where seniors are offered equal employment opportunities based on merit, regardless of age. Various initiatives also serve to address their concerns such as skills upgrading, job redesign and flexible work arrangements. These efforts serve to set standards for the industry, to build an integrated workforce that cares for its mature workers. 


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