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NTUC FairPrice brings in additional stocks of anti-mosquito products and urges customers not to hoard

Published on
06 September 2016

Customers urged to buy only what they need for personal use so that everyone may have access to anti-mosquito products
Demand for anti-mosquito products surged by more than 10 times over the weekend compared to a month ago

Singapore, 6 September 2016 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today announced that additional stocks of insect repellents and insecticides will be made available throughout the week. Prices of these products will remain unchanged from before the recent reports of Zika cases in Singapore.

FairPrice has since placed an additional order for 175,000 packs/bottles/cans/tubes of various types of insect repellents and insecticides.  Delivery for the products will arrive in batches from today to the end of the week and will be promptly dispatched to FairPrice stores island-wide. This quantity is equivalent to about 10 times the normal weekly sales of such items before Zika cases were reported. 

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC FairPrice, said: “We want to assure the community that additional stocks of anti-mosquito products are being sent to our stores and we will keep prices stable.  There is no need to stock up as we will continue to bring in more supplies and we urge customers to only buy what they need so that as many households may have access to these products for their personal use.”

Demand for anti-mosquito products including various types of insect repellents and insecticides increased by more than 10 times over the past weekend compared to the month before. Over a four-day period from 1 September to 4 September, more than 115,000 anti-mosquito products were purchased. 

The surge in demand coupled with bulk purchases of anti-mosquito products has resulted in intermittent availability for these products across all 130 over FairPrice stores in various formats island-wide, including FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Shop supermarkets, FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, Warehouse Club and FairPrice Online. 

FairPrice carries a wide range of 36 types of anti-mosquito products including repellent lotions, sprays, patches, coils, diffusers, electric diffusers, insecticide, and electric insect killers. Availability of these different products vary among different stores, where larger stores would carry a wider range.    


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