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NTUC FairPrice and customers plant 50 trees to green Singapore, in celebration of SG50, at the newly renamed Jurong Lake Gardens

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28 November 2015

FairPrice celebrates 50 years of nation-building by supporting NParks’ Clean and Green SG50 Mass Tree Planting project

These trees will be planted in the newly renamed Jurong Lake Gardens, the new national garden in the heartlands, as a space that is designed and created for families and the community to come together[1]

This is a joint effort by FairPrice customers and staff to build a greener Singapore for tomorrow.

SINGAPORE, 28 November 2015 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today gathered some 200 employees and customers to plant 50 tree saplings, in support of NParks’ Clean and Green SG50 Mass Tree Planting project, which aims to plant more than 5,000 trees this year. The event, held at Jurong Lake Gardens in the morning, brings together people from all walks of life to work together to build a sustainable Singapore.  These trees will be a part of NPark’s redesign and development of the Jurong Lake Gardens as a new national garden in the heartlands.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO (Singapore) of NTUC FairPrice, said: “As a homegrown retailer, FairPrice has established itself as a household name made possible only because of the strong and enduring support of our customers and the community. Similar to a tree which strengthens itself by taking a firm root in the ground, we too, hope to retain a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans.  This is why we have organised this special activity of planting 50 saplings in support of NParks’ Clean and Green SG50 Mass Tree Planting project.  Together, we hope to continue creating meaningful memories with our customers and their families.”

As a way to involve the community for this green initiative, FairPrice invited 130 customers to join over 70 employees to plant the tree saplings together and also to thank its customers for their enduring support over the years. Customers were selected based on an online contest which invited them to share why they wanted to plant a tree.

Some of the submissions included wanting to inculcate in the young the importance of creating a clean and green Singapore, leaving a legacy for them to revisit with their children in the future, and doing their part in celebration of SG50.  Families who grew up in Jurong, also wanted to give back to the place that had been their home for many years.

FairPrice’s commitment to the environment

This tree planting initiative reflects FairPrice’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability. The co-operative has taken the lead in various green initiatives such as establishing the first eco-supermarket in Singapore, encouraging customers to bring their own bags through its Green Rewards Scheme, and championing the reduction of food waste through its FairPrice Food Waste Framework. FairPrice actively involves customers in these initiatives to collectively contribute to environmental conservation together and recognise the integral part that they play in green efforts.

FairPrice also offers a wide range of over 300 environmentally friendly products that have been certified with eco-friendly labels, and was the Pioneer Partner for the BCA Green Mark Portfolio Programme where 10 FairPrice stores have attained Green Mark certification including two platinum awards for its stores at Zhongshan Park and Kallang Wave Mall.

Type of trees planted

Tree TypeDescription
Lagerstroemia loudonii
Bungur Tree
This tree produces beautiful bunches of pink to bright purple flowers, cylindrical in shape, measuring about 8 to 20 cm wide when fully open.
Lagerstroemia floribunda

Malayan Crape Myrtle
A small to medium-sized tree, with dense bush and an oval to conical-rounded crown. This tree blooms a few times per year. Velvety crinkled petals fade from rich mauve to pale pink to creamy-white with age, to produce flowers of different colours all over the crown.
Tabebuia rosea

Rosy Trumpet Tree
Its flowering is induced by dry spell, in April and August in Singapore. The blooms last several days then wilt. They are usually planted along road sides or in parks and are shade providing. The flowers are spectacular in colour, forming a pink carpet on the ground around the tree when it falls.
Lagerstroemia speciose

Bungur Raya
This tree is able to reach 20m in height when grown. The flowers are crepe-like, pinkish-purple in colour, which fades to white and is shed 2-3 days later. It blooms several times a year in Singapore.



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