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FairPrice is prepared and ready to meet customers’ daily essential needs

Published on
14 May 2021
  • FairPrice stores will remain open and customers are advised not to hoard

Singapore, 14 May 2021 – NTUC FairPrice (FairPrice) today announced that its network of stores island-wide, including its online shopping portal FairPrice Online, will remain open and there is no need to rush or over purchase during the tightened Covid-19 period (16 May – 13 June, 2021). FairPrice’s key priority is to ensure daily essentials remain available daily and there is sufficient supply available for all.

While there will not be any purchase limits imposed, the co-operative is monitoring the situation closely and urges all shoppers to only buy what they need while continuing to observe safe management protocols.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, Group CEO of FairPrice Group, said, “We are in a better position to manage the situation from the experience gained last year. However, we seek our customers’ patience and understanding that due to the larger crowd volume and bigger basket sizes during this period, we may require a slightly longer time to replenish our shelves and queuing time may also be slightly longer. Regardless, our stores and staff are committed to doing our best to serve the needs of our community.”

Robust Readiness Plans in Place

FairPrice has in place a pandemic readiness and action plan to ensure that the daily essential needs of the community are being provided for, through an established network of suppliers and a robust supply chain infrastructure.

FairPrice also practises stockpiling to ensure undisrupted supplies in the event of a crisis, which provides a buffer for potential supply shocks. Since last year, it has also increased its inventory holding for certain categories of products, such as high-demand items like rice, noodles and paper products. For example, FairPrice also maintains a stockpile of more than three months’ worth of rice to ensure that they remain available for all customers.

Additionally, FairPrice practises diversified sourcing and carries products from over 100 countries around the world. It is constantly looking to strengthen and widen the network of suppliers to ramp up supplies as needed and bring in more brands to keep supplies and prices stable for customers.

Its contingency plans at the retail front also take into consideration various operational requirements including manpower planning and management to ensure stores continue to operate undisrupted. Beyond enhancing its workforce over the past year, FairPrice has in place a robust process that enables it to quickly mobilise additional manpower through hiring temporary staff, or tapping on employees across the entire NTUC Enterprise network of social enterprises.

Precautionary Measures to Enhance Safety at Outlets

Since the onset of COVID-19, FairPrice has put in place stringent precautionary measures to maintain a safe and clean environment for its shoppers and staff in accordance with MOH’s guidelines.

FairPrice maintains a high-frequency cleaning regime at all stores, especially for high touch surfaces like railings, trolleys, baskets and checkout counters. This is in addition to compliance with mandatory wearing of face masks for all customers and suppliers, along with national contact tracing protocols.

Customers are also urged to maintain safe distancing. Floor markings at checkout queues, in-store posters and announcements have been put in place to remind customers to do so.

For more information, please visit FairPrice’s Facebook page or contact its customer service team at 6552 2722 or via email at

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