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FairPrice Group fast tracks Progressive Wage Model wage adjustments for all non-executive employees 

Published on
16 February 2023
  • Initiative is expected to cost FPG approximately S$90 million, before government subsidies, over a span of three years
  • FPG has gone a step further to implement PWM across all business units including retail, food services, supply chain and administrative staff ahead of government guidelines, including part time non-executive employees
  • 8 in 10 non-executive employees received wage adjustments of up to 7 per cent this year 

SINGAPORE, 16 February 2023 – FairPrice Group (FPG) announced today that it has forged ahead to fast track the implementation of the food services Progressive Wage Model (PWM), ahead of the stipulated government schedule. Non-executive employees from its Food Services business received wage increments in September 2022 and January this year. 

In addition, FPG also implemented the second phase of the retail PWM in January this year for all its non-executive employees. It had earlier implemented the first phase of retail PWM in September 2022. Across the group, non-executive employees including those in supply chain, office administration which currently do not fall under PWM schemes were also given wage uplifts since September 2022. 

All in, about 8 in 10 of FPG’s more than 10,000 non-executive employees regardless of nationality across all its business units and functions received wage adjustments of up to 7 per cent this year. The initiative is expected to cost FPG approximately S$90 million, before government subsidies, over a span of three years. 

Since September 2022, FPG has taken the lead to set industry standards by uplifting wages of non-executive employees by adopting the principles of the PWM framework. It has done so not only in the retail sector but across its entire business network of businesses.

Vipul Chawla, Group CEO, FairPrice Group, said, “Our people are at the heart of our business and we aim to help them cope better with the rising cost of living. In fact, we fast tracked our PWM roadmap so that our non-executive employees would be better provided for. More importantly, going forward, we are also committed to developing an engaged and future-confident employee base so that they will be equipped with the necessary skills to adapt to the fast-changing, omni-channel retail landscape and deliver the best experience for our customers.” 

One beneficiary of the PWM food services initiative is Low Yuke Phin, 65 years old, who works at the drinks stall as part of the Service Crew at Kopitiam@Tiong Bahru Plaza. “Being able to stay active with work keeps me going and I am happy to see that my job scope and wages can grow, even at this age. The extra money will also allow me to cope with the rising cost of living and save more for a rainy day. ”  

Progressive Wage (PW) Mark Plus accreditation to help the man on the street and businesses recognise and support progressive employers

FPG was also recognised for its efforts as a progressive employer by the Singapore Business Federation. For its efforts, its supermarket business, FairPrice and its chain of convenience stores, Cheers were also accredited with the Progressive Wage (PW) Mark Plus. The PW Mark Plus recognises businesses that pay progressive wages to lower-wage workers. The accreditation aims to help consumers and businesses easily identify firms that adopt PWM in an effort to provide better workplace support for lower-wage workers.  

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