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FairPrice Champions Heartwarming Movement to Appreciate and Celebrate Homegrown Heroes for SG50

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16 April 2015
  • FairPrice aims to make Singapore a place to call home with more citizens expressing their gratitude for one another
  • Diverse Singapore personalities will be featured in this campaign to inspire Singaporeans to identify and appreciate their personal heroes

SINGAPORE, 16 April 2015 –To celebrate with Singaporeans the nation’s 50th birthday, FairPrice launched a movement today, ‘For the Heroes in our Lives’. Through this campaign, FairPrice seeks to uncover everyday heroes who have contributed to society or towards the personal development of individuals in the community. The campaign focuses on inviting Singaporeans to identify the heroes in their lives; heroes who have put others in front of themselves, and whose efforts and sacrifices are often unknown or unacknowledged. Everyone has a person whom they regard as a hero and it is these people who are behind the success stories that contribute to the successful nation Singapore has become.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO, NTUC FairPrice, said, “We are privileged to develop a campaign that involves the community in recognising the unsung heroes in our midst. Everyone has a role model whom they regard as a hero, and in the same token, everyone has what it takes to be someone’s hero as well. Through the campaign, we invite Singaporeans to reflect and share who their heroes are and how they have made an impact, whether big or small, to their lives. This is thus an opportune time for us to celebrate them, for without their sacrifices, we would have turned out differently and Singapore may also not be where it is if not for these heroes in our lives.”

‘For the Heroes in our Lives’ movement aims to evoke optimism and inspire people to show their appreciation towards each other and a website,, has been set up for Singaporeans from all walks of life to do so. FairPrice invites the community to send in appreciation snippets of their heroes via the website, hashtag #fortheheroesinourlives on social media platforms, or leave recorded messages on a hotline number. Campaign staff will also be dispatched to collect stories at various locations around Singapore. All submitted stories will be collected and put together to form a physical art installation, as part of SG50 celebrations. More details are available on the campaign website.

To promote the campaign, a series of short films will also be screened across cable TVs, outdoor screens, digital and social media platforms. These short films will feature diverse Singapore personalities such as Ms Yip Pin Xiu, Champion Paralympic Swimmer, Mr Muthu Kumarasamy, General Secretary of the Amalgamated Union of Public Rated Workers (AUPRW), Mr Zulkifli Baharudin, a local humanitarian, and Ms Kit Chan, singer/actress who is often regarded as Singapore’s ‘national treasure’. These warm and emotional short films will capture the personalities sharing about who their respective unsung heroes are.

Mr Seah further added, “We hope that these uplifting videos also remind Singaporeans of how we stand by one another in tough times, yet celebrate together in joyful times. We look forward to the public’s participation in ‘For the Heroes in our Lives’ and connecting Singaporeans amidst the SG50 celebrations.”

Similar to the heroes that FairPrice is celebrating, FairPrice itself also seeks to serve the community by contributing to the needs and success of the nation and continue serving its role as a Retailer With A Heart.

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