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Charging Towards A Greener Future: Cycle & Carriage Singapore Partners Grocery Logistics of Singapore (FairPrice Group Supply Chain Unit) to take its first step in using electric commercial vehicles

Published on
09 November 2022

  • Cycle & Carriage and Grocery Logistics of Singapore (GLS) collaborate to use Electric Commercial Vehicles as mobility solutions in logistics and delivery, in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Singapore, 9 November 2022 – Cycle & Carriage Singapore will be collaborating with Grocery Logistics of Singapore (GLS), the logistics arm of the FairPrice Group, as they opt to utilise electric vehicles in logistics and delivery. In line with this, Cycle & Carriage Singapore will be supplying 10 Citroën ë-Dispatch units, and their pertinent charging stations to GLS to be on the road by the end of November.

Able to cover a distance of 339 kilometres with a full charge and requiring only 48 minutes to reach an 80 percent charge from zero percent, the Citroën ë-Dispatch units will form the first pilot fleet of electric vans to be used by GLS.

Marking its foray into the use of electric vehicles for logistical purposes, GLS’ shift to electric, rather than petrol-powered vehicles with Cycle & Carriage enables them to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining their high standards of service.

“GLS continues to do our part for the environment and our latest initiative to augment our fleet with electric vehicles is part of our overall holistic effort to promote a circular and low-carbon economy,” Ms Zeng Qiao Jia, Chief Supply Chain Officer of FairPrice Group Supply Chain shares, adding “Beyond the environmental gains of reducing our carbon footprint, we are eager also to reap greater cost savings from the total cost of ownership of running an electrified fleet, where resources may be redeployed to further advance our supply chain capabilities. We urge our industry peers to join us on this whole-of-nation sustainability effort and to leave behind a greener world for our children.”

This collaboration also aligns with the government’s commitment to realising the Singapore Green Plan 2030, close behind the launch of multiple initiatives by Cycle & Carriage Singapore to encourage the shift to electric vehicles. This includes schemes and incentives such as the Commercial Vehicle Emissions Scheme (CVES) – which also includes a rebate of S$30,000 for purchases made before 23 March 2023.

A member of the Jardine Cycle & Carriage Group, Cycle & Carriage Singapore has established itself as one of the driving forces in implementing clean energy alternatives for vehicles within Singapore. Their commitment to providing electric mobility solutions that match the needs of their clients in moving towards cleaner and greener energy solutions forms a vital part of the collaboration.

It’s great to see key industry players making the shift to electric vehicles as we work towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment. We look forward to assisting GLS to help ease their adoption of electric vehicles,” shares Ms Dawn Pan, Director of Multi-Franchise Operations at Cycle & Carriage Singapore.

In addition to this partnership, Cycle & Carriage Singapore will continue to work towards making the Singapore Green Plan 2030 a reality by proactively pursuing opportunities to provide sustainable solutions to local businesses.

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