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FairPrice brings the finer things in life to more residents in the East with launch of FairPrice Finest at Marine Parade

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15 January 2010

Business focus remains centered on social mission to moderate cost of living for all, through large network of FairPrice supermarkets

Making the finer things in life more accessible to the community, while continuing to moderate the cost of living – That’s the promise of Singapore’s leading supermarket retailer NTUC FairPrice, with the opening of its newest FairPrice Finest store at Marine Parade Central.

The Marine Parade store is FairPrice’s fourth store under its Finest concept. The first FairPrice Finest store opened at Bukit Timah Plaza in 2007. Following positive customer response for the store concept, the second outlet was opened at Thomson Plaza just a year later in 2008. The next two outlets in Century Square in Tampines and Marine Parade Central respectively have since been opened in December 2009 to serve customers living in the Eastern part of Singapore.

Explaining the basis for FairPrice’s Finest concept, Mr Ng Ser Miang, NTUC FairPrice Chairman said: “As the people in Singapore become more affluent and well-travelled, FairPrice has to stay relevant to the community by being inclusive for all collars, ages and nationalities. At the same time, we want to stay true to our social mission of moderating the cost of living in Singapore, by making essential items affordable and available to all.”

FairPrice Finest offers the best of both worlds, with 30 per cent of the products dedicated to a cosmopolitan selection of fine foods not found at other FairPrice stores. The remaining 70 per cent are staples found at all FairPrice stores sold at the same prices, as FairPrice has a policy of uniform pricing for the same product across its supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Mr Ng added: “FairPrice Finest is an example of how FairPrice stays relevant and competitive. It is a fusion of a cooperative supermarket with a social mission, and a progressive retailer that keeps pace with the population’s changing needs, aspirations and lifestyles.”

Apart from the usual staples found at FairPrice supermarkets, shoppers can look forward to a wider assortment of specialty and premium products, value-added services and a more conducive shopping environment. The Marina Parade Finest store also features a walk-in wine cellar offering a range of fine wines and a Just Organics section featuring over 1,000 organic product varieties ranging from hand lotion to baby food.

Some examples of premium fare available at the FairPrice Finest store includes musk melons, Kyoho grapes and wagyu beef from Japan, organic eggs from New Zealand, live oysters from Australia, Extra Virgin olive oil from France, organic sugar from Brazil, and gourmet coffee from Italy.

The Health and Beauty section at the Marine Parade Finest store features over 2,700 product varieties spread over 70 bays catering to both men and women. Apart from this, there is also a “Shopper Solution Centre” that offers an innovative shopping environment catering to the different roles the modern woman of today adopts – as a mother, as a wife and for herself. The three special design layouts within the “Shopper Solution Centre” will house specially selected baby and grooming products.

Like other FairPrice Finest stores, the Marine Parade store offers a comprehensive range of services, such as Service Ambassadors to advise customers on store offerings, Porter Service to help customers with their groceries to the taxi stand or car park, Advance Order services for fresh produce, Delivery Service, as well as a diaper changing area for mums. To build greater customer affinity, the Marine Parade store will also join the other FairPrice Finest stores in offering wine appreciation classes and cooking demonstrations.

In addition to these services, customers at FairPrice Finest will continue to enjoy the great value that is synonymous with FairPrice supermarkets, through reward programmes such as rebates for FairPrice members, a two per cent Senior Citizens’ discount every Tuesday, LinkPoints loyalty programme, FairPrice Plus rewards, and weekly advertised offers.

Commenting on the future opening of more FairPrice Finest stores, Mr Ng said: “Since we opened our first Finest store in 2007, we have received very good response from our customers. Today, we have four Finest outlets. We will open more Finest stores when there is demand and the location is right.”

He added: “Even as we continue to bring the finer things in life to more customers, I would like to assure our customers that FairPrice’s focus remains centered on our social mission to moderate the cost of living for everyone, through our large network of supermarkets. This is something that will not change, even as we continue to innovate.”

The two-storey FairPrice Finest store at Marine Parade spans 44,000 square feet and is open daily from 8am to 11pm. Other lifestyle services found at the supermarket include a bakery, pharmacy, cobbler-locksmith and a laundry drop off service.

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